Managed Dedicated Hosting in US & Canada

Do you seek absolute freedom and unlimited resources to run your own apps through Managed Solutions?

If yes, then managed dedicated hosting solutions are just the right choice for you. These dedicated hosting solutions run-on managed dedicated servers that are designed in a way to help you run your apps smoothly without having to manage server-side technicalities such as playing with server configurations, restarting the server as and when needed, backing up data at regular intervals, managing access permissions, and other such complicated processes, which certainly require high-level of technical expertise that anyone may not have.


What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

The concept of dedicated server hosting has been prevalent for ages and is becoming more and more popular as the demand for such dedicated servers is increasing day-by-day with the onset of complicated business models such as e-Commerce, online apps, as well as the onset of social media platforms being used exclusively for online marketing. So, the giant-size IT Professional Service providers nowadays are providing dedicated servers to best-suit your requirements in terms of IT infrastructure, and you will get a dedicated server exclusively for your website at very low cost and not having to spend extra money on installation, maintenance, and other recurrent costs for these dedicated servers.


Gain Absolute Control - True Value for Money

Being an owner of large website, you can certainly anticipate the need for absolute control over the dedicated server, high-end security for keeping up your needs for securing the confidentiality of your users, endless server resources including RAM, disk space, for processing and managing large volumes of data, and to accommodate the need for expansion as and when triggered by your business. All these services are part-and-parcel of managed dedicated hosting plans, which are comprehensive, but very low on cost. On top of this, you can avail the services of your managed dedicated server provider to take care of everything that you may need, for example, your mail server, server updates, application updates, database storage and management, deployment of new apps, server security scans and monitoring, virus protection, managing your control panel, and even advanced server configurations that is surely not everyone's cup of tea. You can safely and smoothly manage multiple websites on your dedicated server without paying anything extra in terms of hosting fee.


5 Top Benefits of Managed Dedicated Hosting

  • Server Support 24x7 - The right care that your ever-increasing technology-demands need. You can directly call a specialist/expert professional to help you at any time of the day. This brings efficiency into your system and minimizes any downtime for your business.
  • Scalability at your Perusal - You can scale your dedicated server resources with ease by just getting in touch with your Managed Dedicated Hosting provider as these dedicated servers are highly customizable.
  • Locked for Security - Managed dedicated servers are highly secure as they come along with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan as well as off-site backup services to ensure regular backups of your crucial data.
  • Accessibility - A dedicated server ensures dedicated bandwidth and high-speed internet connectivity for your website and in turn maximizes availability of your website in connecting you with your audiences.
  • Control - You are provided with absolute control and complete root access to your website which means that you are the boss.


Choose the Operating System Just Right for You

Managed dedicated hosting services enables you to choose the right environment for your business and select the operating system that will work best for your requirements. These include:-

  • Linux Dedicated Hosting - Best known for its stringent security protocols, best-of-the-breed control panel functionalities, and highly secure firewall properties, these Linux dedicated servers have become the preferred choice of market leaders. Being the sole owner, you can dictate your own hosting conditions.
  • Windows Dedicated Hosting - The low energy consumption requirements, high-end safety features to safeguard you from any cyber attacks, and highest compatibility with other applications, the Windows dedicated servers have become a household name for many medium-size or small businesses who will otherwise find it difficult to pierce the market for growing their business.


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