Professional Database Hosting

Unparalleled Managed Solutions

Managing rising data volumes with accuracy and security has challenged business enterprises to find reliable database hosting services that can be customized and optimized for mission-critical database systems.


Miditech’s database hosting service has been specifically created to help these organizations accomplish more while managing or reducing costs by cutting away the overheads associated with infrastructure and additional staff.


Our database hosting service provides a secure environment data-rich websites, high-traffic e-commerce portals, CRM systems, ERP and other enterprise-level sophisticated websites that store key business information such as customer data, product inventories and order details.

Miditech’s infrastructure and systems maintain the highest security standards and ensure compliance, saving time and resources otherwise needed to set-up, manage and maintain internal data management systems.


Expert database hosting services from Miditech include:

  • Managed and Optimized Hosting
  • Dedicated Database Hosting
  • Cloud Database Hosting
  • Hosting for MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle databases


We support a variety of applications, spanning multimedia, information-sensitive portals, and high-volume transactions for hundreds of companies worldwide. Our team includes experienced database administrators, system administrators and management staff who provide database configuration and support services on unexpected events, should they occur.


Why Miditech’s Database Hosting Solution Works?

  • Full suite of database hosting services
  • Lower overheads on equipment, infrastructure and staff training
  • Robust infrastructure for reliable, secure data transfer
  • Increased accuracy and completeness of data
  • High-end servers specifically built for database use
  • Support from experienced professionals


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